Game Research Lab goes GroupMindMapping

Last Wednesday we did some group midmapping to get an overview of the individual interests and connections of our multidisciplinary research group at our regular Game Research Lab monthly meeting (before heading to play Poker at Ollis place). One big sheet of paper was laid on the table and everybody draw bubbles of their interests and connections between interests of others while explaining them in turns.

The exercise was surprisingly fun. We did talk about interests that have never come up in regular meetings and found new connections between projects. Not that surprising, but nice fact was that almost all of our individual interests seemed to be connected to the others. Time and paper was limited (there were about 15 of us) and there were evidentally much more to discuss about (at least I had about 5 more bubbles in my mind ready to draw on the sheet). Hopefully we continue this every now and then to build even stronger basis for synergy… Go Game Research Lab!

Here some pics (check it out how BEAUTIFULL the mindmap is.. ;)):
Mindmap1 Mindmap2