Game Design Praxiology Group

During the last two decades, I have been working with various wonderful and talented people in academia and industry. My current team, Game Design Praxiology Group is dedicated in advancing praxiologically critical perspectives in game studies and further the discussion between game scholars and the practitioners of play.

Members of the Game Design Praxiology Group:

Dr. Annakaisa Kultima, Aalto University

Dr. Annakaisa Kultima has led several academic and industry projects and teams throughout the past two decades. Kultima is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She has been publishing over 80 academic papers on game design, industry trends and development cultures since 2006. She has been teaching and studying game design and development in several universities in Finland and Sweden as well as touring as a visiting lecturer around the world including universities in the US, China, Denmark, South Korea and Japan. Her research is concentrating on game development cultures, creativity, game industry trends, and game jams. Kultima is an active member of the game ecosystem in Finland and internationally: she is working as a judge in several game competitions, running game jams as well as curating exhibitions on games. She is also a member of the founding team of The Finnish Museum of Games, CEO of MurMurious company working on playful spaces, products and services, and the co-founder of non-profit organization Finnish Game Jam advocating the game making hobby and indie cultures in Finland.

Dr. Ylva Grufstedt, Aalto University

PhD Student Solip Park, Aalto University

PhD Student Ville Kankainen, Aalto Unviersity/Tampere University

Miikka Junnila, Aalto University

Alumni of the Game Design Praxiology Group:

Designer, Joaquin Rossi

Research Assistant, Christina Lassheikki

Programmer, Teemu Kokkonen

Designer, Noora Heiskanen