Annakaisa Kultima is a game scholar at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland. She has been teaching and studying game design and development since 2006 in several universities in Finland and Sweden as well as toured as a visiting lecturer around the world including universities in US, China, Denmark, South Korea and Japan. Her research is concentrating on game development cultures, creativity, game industry trends, and game jams. Kultima’s PhD dissertation “Game Design Praxiology” examined the multitude of issues of understanding ‘games as created’. Kultima is also an active member of the game ecosystem in Finland and internationally: she is working as a judge in several game competitions, running and participating game jams as well as curating exhibitions on games. She has been leading Global Game Jam theme committee and been the regional organizer and site organizer for Global Game Jam for many years. She is also a member of the founding team of The Finnish Museum of Games and the head of non-profit organization Finnish Game Jam since 2013 advocating the game making hobby and indie cultures in Finland.


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  1. Hello!

    I’m a game science master student at Blekinge School of technology in Sweden. Currently I am doing work for my master thesis which will be about creativity in relation to game development.

    Next week (12/5) I will try out a couple of brainstorming scenarios on invited students. My own approach involves dynamic gathering of inspiration from the internet by using various online services, like yahoo image, disctionaries, word associations and so on.

    As part of this little event I would also like to try out some of your games as described in your “Designing Game Idea Generation Games” thesis. Would this be possible? Especially VNA and GameSeekers is of interest, but if possible it would be nice to be able to have a look at GameBoard also. If some sort of non-disclosure agreement have to be signed this will of course not be a problem. A distribution package using pdf files would be optimal.

    Thank you!

    /Rickard Sandgren
    Master Student at BTH

  2. Hello!
    My name is Thiago Dalcin and I`m a Design Student at Feevale University(RS) – Brazil.
    I`m going to study Computer Science and Interactive technology at University of Tampere for 6 months or 1 year, starting next autumn.
    I would like to know: How can I participate of a Research your group?

    I have experience of 05 years in 3d creation and I`m participating in the research group in Brazil called:
    “Inclusive Design Using the information and communication technologies applied to education”, at Feevale university.


    Thiago H. Dalcin,

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