Other materials

VNA card set and instructions:


GameSpace Guide Tool. This is a flash tool to our project findings, including all the articles and files that we produced during the project. Check out VNA, GameBoard, GameSeekers and other idea generation games as well! You can now print them all and learn them through our guide book that was produced to the experiment.


4 Responses to “Other materials”

  1. VNA and Pelixi competition « AaKoo’s Game Lab Says:

    […] I also included these links at my new static section of this blog “other materials“. […]

  2. Peter Boersma Says:

    Moi Annakaisa! Would you happen to have an english version of the instructions that come with VNA? I think I get the idea, but the Finnish text seems longer that necessary to cover that idea so maybe there’s more 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  3. aakoo Says:

    The English version for the instructions is available in the guide book: http://gamelab.uta.fi/gamespacetool/FILES/Tools/GuideBook_for_GameSpaceIdeaTools.pdf

  4. karen Says:

    Thank you for making these available. Nice to meet you at Future Play 2010!

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