VNA and Pelixi competition

Pelixi game concept and demo competition for youngsters in Finland have announced their winners. I provided some materials to the site last autumn on behalf of GameSpace, as also giving out our at-that-time-ready VNA. I have decided to publish the card-set also here at my blog, since Pelixi site is closing at the end of the May. If you use VNA, please provide feedback and experiences that you have had with the set by email to me (annakaisa.kultima[ a t ] At the moment I have no idea if any Pelixi-participants have used the card set or other methods, but hopefully I will hear about it later.

The VNA card set is provided as a printable pdf version. You can print all the pages with a colour printer, glue face and back sides together and cut in order to create your own VNA set. Then just gather friends or colleagues and do some rapid free association starting with a random verb.

Preview of the pdf:

Download: vna_casualgames_cardset_2007

Instructions (only in Finnish): vna_fin_1

I also included these links at my new static section of this blog “other materials“.


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